Saturday, February 21, 2015

It's all about Oby

These are the pictures of Oby. We dressed her up for fun.. She loves to be in a basket , plastic bag or envelope. Sadly to say that, she's no longer with us as she has been adopted by a family that took her kitties last year. I hope she is doing fine with the new family..

Our little kitties.

We managed to get new kitties from wonderful Oby 2 years back. She managed to deliver 5 adorable kitties which are, Olley, Osim, Simba, Ola, and No name. Mama gave all the names at first but I was the one who altered the kitties' names a little bit.

The one that can stand like a weasel is called Ola. She was adopted by a family in Marang. However, she was found missing after a while with the family. I'm pretty sad to hear the bad news. (T_T)

This is Oby (the mother of the kitties). Simba is the only son which photocopy the traits of his mother. They have the same colour and look very alike except for the different sex they have.

Next to Ola is Olley.

They were playing in a  basket

Trying to hassle between each other  in a basket

Everyone was trying so hard to be out of the basket

Keep on trying

I just want to  get out of this basket

Help mommy help

I want to gooo

In the attempt of catching the orange plastic

I'm tired already

Resting time

A diva is always a diva. That's me : Olley @k@ Molley

See I've told you, I am a diva

Say Cheeseeee..


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This is Osim. She has a daughter called Olaf. I'll update about Olaf later